Project recruiting. Solved.

Need temporary support for an upcoming recruiting project?

Agile•1’s Project Recruitment solution supports your existing program when additional resources, recruiting expertise, and tools are needed. Working within the distinct start and end dates for your project, we provide project management, trained recruiters, comprehensive reporting, innovative sourcing strategies, and cutting-edge methods for maximizing social media. Leverage our expertise for additional support during seasonal hiring, mergers, divestitures or new business expansions.

Agile•1’s Project Recruitment Solution Gives You:

Scalable Support

As the single point-of-contact to lead your recruitment project, Agile•1 will manage all timelines and deliverables, so you can keep internal headcount and costs to a minimum. Whether you are looking for recruitment marketers, event managers, IT specialists, project managers, recruitment strategists, or functional experts, our experienced professionals can fill the capability gaps within your team to ensure that your project is seamless and successful.  

Tools and Resources

Agile•1 provides insights on the latest recruiting technologies, market research, industry reports and databases so that you are fully equipped to accurately anticipate market fluctuations. When circumstances require a major shift in recruiting practices, we can create customized project plans and change management strategies that provide step-by-step guidance on how to take your program in a new, unchartered direction.

A Knowledgeable Partner

Our seasoned recruiters have industry specializations and certifications in areas such as veteran recruiting, hiring events management, and college recruiting. They receive unparalleled training on wide a range of topics including: global recruitment, sourcing strategies, communication, candidate engagement, social media, and recruitment technologies. Integrated into your company culture, Agile•1 recruiters work as your brand ambassadors, providing a seamless, positive experience for every candidate.

Agile•1: Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy 

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labor management technologies and programs. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, create custom solutions, transform your processes and optimize the way you manage your greatest asset: people.  

Contact us today to learn how Agile•1's RPO solutions can help you realize your company’s talent management goals.

  • Compliments your internal recruiting efforts
  • Predictable scalability
  • Leverage operational, technological, and employment marketing expertise