One program. Solved.

Looking for a partner who can manage your entire workforce: full time, temporary, independent contractor, statement of work, etc.? 

Agile•1’s Blended RPO/MSP solution allows your company to streamline talent acquisition for all categories of labor by blending the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing with a managed services program. (This workforce management solution is also referred to in North America as an integrated solution.) Agile•1 can show you how and when to source full-time, temporary, statement of work, professional services or 1099 workers based on your business objectives. Explore how Agile•1’s Blended RPO/MSP solution is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Agile•1’s Blended Solution Gives You: 

A Holistic View

Sharing metrics across direct-hire and temporary worker programs provides a broader view of both internal and market data, allowing you to make more strategic decisions about the types of workers that should be engaged for each business objective. With a mixed-hiring strategy, you will achieve greater organizational agility, reduce costs, and improve enterprise-wide visibility. 

A Consultative Approach

Agile•1’s award-winning solutions are built on decades of experience in talent acquisition of both contingent and full-time workers. Our account teams receive unparalleled training on a wide range of topics to help you improve worker quality, optimize third-party suppliers, and reduce hiring times across all categories of labor. For our clients, this means that we go beyond the tactical execution of talent acquisition; we become a consultant to your business, offering strategic guidance that is aligned with your goals, your culture and your processes. 

Agile•1: Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy 

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labor management technologies and programs. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, create custom solutions, transform your processes and optimize the way you manage your greatest asset: people.  

Contact us today to learn how Agile•1's RPO solutions can help you realize your company’s talent management goals.

  • Improved processes
  • On-demand support
  • Sourcing and social media strategies
  • Greater hiring manager satisfaction
  • Improved candidate quality
  • Access to total workforce options
  • Total workforce analytics
  • Solve short-term and critical hiring needs

“Agile•1’s blended (integrated) solution drives efficiency by providing us with a single point-of-contact for both contingent and direct-hire talent acquisition. The Total Workforce Solution model they have implemented and branded as DRAFTforce at MillerCoors is unparalleled in the industry.”   
-Vice President of Procurement, MillerCoors