AgileOne Honored for Third Straight Year in HRO Today’s RPO Baker’s Dozen

TORRANCE, CA, October 10, 2017 - With a focus on innovation and delivering unique solutions for clients’ individual talent needs, AgileOne has been recognized by HRO Today for the third straight year. More importantly, with awards in 2016 and 2017, AgileOne has solidified its position on the RPO Baker’s Dozen after dominating the mid-tier category in 2015. 

AgileOne is proving that innovation and distinct talent solutions, coupled with straight-line access to core technologies, are keys to success in the competitive RPO market. Business needs are evolving from commoditized services to customized solutions and only AgileOne offers a full-suite of technologies and a complete set of talent acquisition services under a singular roof. The services offered by AgileOne include: 

  • Technologies: AccelerationVMS, AccelerationSOW, AccelerationICC, AccelerationATS, GigSource, AccelerationJP, DriveSRM
  • Talent management services: MSP, RPO, Direct Sourcing, Payrolling, Alumni 

“The lines that once existed in workforce management are being splintered,” said Peter Carvalho, President of AgileOne. “Where businesses once made clear delineations between traditional and contingent labor, the continued relevance of the non-traditional worker coupled with the emergence of new ways to work, such as gig, have driven companies to look at their workforce in a new way.” 

“Conversations are no longer about direct hires versus contingent labor, instead we are having meaningful dialogs about workforce optimization and total talent acquisition,” added Carvalho. “The addition of our talent community software AccelerationJP, has been a game changer in our ability to connect a wider range of employee types with our clients.” 

“We’re continuing to invest in our own proprietary technology as well as embracing strategic partnerships with the top talent acquisition solutions to meet the needs of our clients,” said Tracey Richardson, VP, Workforce Solutions at AgileOne. “As the phrase ‘talent acquisition’ continues to broaden from direct hire to non-traditional headcount like temps, freelancers, consultants, and interns, AgileOne is uniquely positioned to provide talent acquisition solutions regardless of worker type.” 

“AgileOne is going about total talent management in a unique way,” added Elliot Clark CEO & Chairman at SharedXpertise. “Many MSP and RPO providers are assembling their suite of talent management solutions through partners and business relationships. AgileOne is choosing to build their core technologies and solutions from within. We’re pleased to see them strengthening their position on our RPO Baker’s Dozen list and excited to see what is next from AgileOne.”