What to Expect From Generation Z

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cindy Yarbrough
Regional Vice President, Client Services RPO | Agile•1

Generation Z: Born between 1995 - 2009, this is the first generation to have no experience with the pre-internet world. They have been technology-focused since birth, and are used to having information and entertainment accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right in the palm of their hand.

I recently spent a long weekend with my Gen Z nephew….and boy, what an eye opener. As a high school graduate this year, his views on life, education, and career are very different from that of his older Millennial counterparts. Throughout the weekend most of his time was spent on his smart phone buying and selling stuff to make a profit. The concept of working for someone, whether it be at a minimum wage job or after getting a four-year degree, was not in his vocabulary. Is he going to college? Yes, but only because his parents are making him, so he figures he will give it a try.

As I picked his brain about his plans for the next several years, it got me thinking about how we will educate and attract talent from this generation. It is clear that companies will have to rethink their recruiting practices, and my recommendation is that we start making those changes now. Companies who want to take advantage of Gen Z talent will need to start developing those relationships sooner rather than later, and that means reaching out to future-workers when they are still teenagers.

How exactly can a company reach kids that are still living at home and focused on tests and homework? The key is to get into their schools, provide mentorship, foster education, and put your company in a position to shape their career decisions. Gen Z is eager to listen and open to hear what you have to say. When my nephew was not on his phone making deals, he asked me what kind of work I did and how I chose my profession. It’s the first time a 17 year old has ever asked me what I do for a living or seemed interested in learning about my career.

One of the best things about Gen Z is that they are mature for their age and learn fast. If there was ever a generation that could be ready to take over by the time they’re 25,
it’s them.

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