Getting Smart About Social Media

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Sharyl Augustitus, Senior Sourcing Manager

Sourcing and social media are hot topics for many organizations for 2015. Certainly, the partnership that sourcing professionals have developed with social media is effective, fast moving, innovative and essential to the employment process.  As your organization is planning and budgeting for 2015, here are some things to consider regarding sourcing active and passive candidates through social media:

  1. Social media represents the largest existing database that a sourcing professional can leverage at no cost.
  2. Sourcing teams are consistently trending toward social media and away from costly job boards.
  3. Social media provides sourcing professionals with a wealth of market information including competitive intelligence, industry benchmarks and reviews.
  4. Smart phones and tablets are becoming increasingly job-search friendly. For example, allowing candidates to apply using the “apply with LinkedIn” feature is almost effortless, even on a smart phone. Even better? It’s free.
  5. Consider cascading your social media approach by starting with a LinkedIn presence, and then moving to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Start by developing one platform and monitoring your visibility on that platform using free, online, analytics tools. This will give you the metrics you need to expand thoughtfully into additional platforms. 
  6. Social media channels can have an impact on increasing employee referrals. By making open positions easy for your employees to see and share, you make it more likely that they will pass the opportunity on to a friend.